Monday, January 08, 2007

Kimono Fabric for Sale

I just listed two packages of vintage kimono fabric for sale in the Etsy shop. There are 12 different pieces of silk and/or rayon fabrics cut from vintage kimonos. Perfect for crazy quilting, oriental projects or anything else you have in mind. If you're interested, buzz on over and look. I only have two packs of these available at this time.

I'll be adding some paper collage packs later this week. Can you tell it's New Year's and time to clean things out? (LOL). Believe me, I've got a lot of cleaning out to do.


Susan said...

Beautiful fabrics. Some of these may be going back to Japan!

Mona said...

interesting fabrics. I myself sell greeting cards with vintage kimono silk designs, that I have hand cut from fabrics bought while living in Japan. Please visit my etsy site: