Monday, January 15, 2007

It's Monday. . .

and I made it to work. The drive home Friday night only took 50 minutes (for a 20 minute commute). This is a new record for ice and snow driving. Glad that's over! The roads today are still icy and it's cold, cold, cold. Inhumanely cold. I don't know how the homeless (people and animals) can stand it.

As some of you may know, I am the List Owner of CQForNewbies. One of our members, May Britt ( has a GREAT tutorial on her blog about how to do applique. Since I'm a very visual person, this tutorial certainly helped me with my bunny blocks. These blocks are my WISP (works in slow progress). This is a block of the month deal (and I have bought the last one so I now have the full set). I am determined to actually do these as a block of the month and quit procrastinating.

Well, now that May Britt was so kind to share this technique, I am scooting right along with my bunnies. Her freezer paper method makes it so much easier to get all those curves nice and smooth. I've had a terrible time with my applique using all sorts of methods. Sometimes I would work days on just getting the pieces ready and they still didn't look as nice as I wanted them to. In just a couple of hours (depending on the block), I can get the pieces all done and they look so nice and smooth. After that, the applique part is a cinch and goes much faster.

In the two blocks, can you tell which one does not use May Britt's method? Boy, I sure can. I redid the chicken in one block because it looked so bad so that's a clue for ya -- look at the bunnies.

And this is just part of what I did during my iced-in weekend. It was so nice to actually have to stay home and do nothing but sew (g). I'll have several other things to share with you during the week, but work is calling right now.


Sunflower said...


Thank you for leaving your comment on my blog!! I am glad that you enjoy my little fairy furniture and other creations. It's so nice to hear from people about my art. Your site is very interesting!! I like what you did with the window! Very creative!

Take care,
Debbie Schramer

Candi Harris said...

Your bunny blocks are sooo cute! They're going to be great!