Friday, January 19, 2007

Hand Painted Lace

On my day off, I decided to hand paint some lace. I know a lot of you dye your lace, but I have a lot of fabric paint and like using it so decided to give it a try.

The first is a lace collar and I used Deco Art So Soft fabric paints. I use the pearlized colors, blue, pink and purple. First, wet your lace and lay it on a waxy type paper. Then squeeze out a little of the paint on the paper or pallet. Keep a dish of water nearby. I wet my paint brush and then dip into the paint. I water down the paint quite a bit before brushing it on the fabric. Once I brush the paint on the lace, I will dip the brush in water once again and spread it over the painted portion of the lace. This keeps the colors from "glomming" up and getting thick and causes the paint to run a little and spread out evenly. It also helps to soften the look of the colors.

This piece was also painted with the Deco Art fabric paints. This time I used green, blue and pink. I paint a little with one color, adding water to the painted lace until the color spreads out, then I do the same thing adding the second color.

These fabric paints are permanent and dry soft. The lace (and fabric if used on fabric) still have the same feel as before they were painted. There's no stiffness. The Deco Art paints need to dry for 48 hours before they are considered permanent. (As with any product, read the directions on the bottle). I usually heat set my things, just because that's what I'm used to.

The Deco Art fabric paints can be found at Joann's craft stores with the fabric painting things.

This last example here, the motifs, I used the Lumiere paints. I found a sample back of these at my local Joann's craft store. Same technique, wet the lace, and use lots of water on the brush to paint. The Lumiere paints have more of a sparkly color then the pearl Deco Art paints. Again, read the directions for the heat setting -- for Lumiere, you wait 24 hours and then iron the object for 3 minutes to make it permanent. Hope this gives you all some ideas for your lace and fabric projects.


Gerry said...

It's so pretty when it's died. I always liked the white or cream laces but sometimes they just don't work too well. I will have to try this! Thanks.....AND HAPPY B-DAY TO YOU....

Candi Harris said...

Lesa soooo pretty:) I'm glad you posted that I've been a little leary of attempting it, but now I think I'll give it a shot:) Thanks!

Nina In Norway said...

I love these handpainted lace. Adorable!

Raegan said...

theyre lovely, and this is so informative, thank you. I just wonder if regular hot iron is okay on the decoart so soft paints or if it damages the color?