Friday, January 12, 2007


I'm sitting here in Kansas where it was 65 degrees yesterday. Less then 12 hours later it's 12 degrees. That's actual temperature folks -- we won't even talk about the wind chill. And there's an ice storm going on. And the storm's going to go on all weekend and into Monday. Don't you wish you lived here? (NOT!) Of course I'm at work since I have a boss that doesn't "understand why people have to stay home from work due to weather." There's no talking to that man.

This is something I made last year. It's a little recycled bit of wood I found in a thrift store with a really ugly orangey-type stain on it. I doctored it up pretty good (I think), added lots of different vintage pictures, old postcards, wallpaper, and other fun things. As much as I love my quilting and crazy quilting, my first love was altered things and papercrafts. In fact, several years ago I had 3 or 4 things published in a magazine, RubberStampMadness. I thought I had really "arrived" to have something published in a national magazine (LOL).

With a nice long weekend of being trapped in the house with Crazy Madeline, I think I'll play some with my paper/recycled/altered stuff. I'm all set to "weather the storm." Madeline and I are armed with 3 dozen cookies (the good kind from the bakery, not the hard commercial kind from the grocery store), 10 liters of Diet Coke and about 9 bags of microwave popcorn. Oh yeah, baby, bring that weather on! We can take it (as long as the power stays on).

3 comments: said...

I love your shelf, Lesa! You've got a great blog going.

Charlene said...

Looks like you've got everything you need for the storm. Enjoy the time, and stay warm!

Chelle said...

Great shelf, Lesa! I hope your power stays on. So far ours has only winked a couple of times. We have 3/8" ice on everything and more coming down. Is it Monday yet???