Monday, January 22, 2007

Fiber Art Squares

There's been several swaps and posts going around about the 1 inch fabric charm squares. Since I do CQ, a 1 inch square is just a little too small for me. I bumped the size up to 3 inches and decided to play with it over the weekend. Here's the results:

The one on the left with the scalloped edge was finished by machine. The two on the bottom -- I added a backing and just turned them. I'm not real pleased with the way they look -- makes them too puffy. The top one is unfinished.

All the embellishment and beading work on the blocks was done by hand.

So that's the dilemma here -- how to finish these little squares. While the machine edging was nice, it makes it smaller then 3 inches. Plus, you would probably want to add an interfacing to the back because it was a little tricky getting that "slinky" fabric and small shape through the sewing machine.

So any suggestions on finishing would be greatly appreciated. I see these little squares as fun, fast projects and a GREAT place to experiment with stitches (not to mention using up small scraps). Some uses that have been suggested: ornaments, the center focal point for a larger block, "fringe" hanging off the edges of a larger CQ piece (maybe tied with ribbons or fancy threads). What would you do with them?


Charlene said...

Sweet little blocks you've done. I made several, but haven't embellished them yet. I like the look of the machine finished one, but am not a great seamstress!

Chelle said...

Those are so cute! How about adding a ribbon or piece of cording and making a fob for sewing scissors?

Gerry said...

OMG, I love these. Not that I'll be able to get any done. LOL. But it would be a great use for all of my tiny scraps that I just can't part with!

Milt said...

You might get a wider audience for your quilting work at and even make a few bucks blogging about it.