Friday, January 26, 2007

Fantasy CQ

One of my goals (ha ha!) is to do a fantasy CQ quilt. I've been collecting lots of things (naturally!) and even have a friend in Mass. who has been doing some embroidery of motifs for me (hi Christine). Here's the first two blocks in their "naked" stages.

Both of these I received in a block swap in my CQForNewbies group. I love the little fairy on the bottom block. I've hand painted some lace that will go on her.

The next block was done using things from my birthday box. In the group, we have a birthday swap. You send out a package a month and then when it's YOUR month, you get a huge box just stuffed with all kinds of good things. Everything on this block is from the birthday box, except the purple piece on the far left.

The purple piece is the result of my personal challenge to the list to start using that "special" fabric you bought -- you know what I'm talking about -- all that beautiful fabric you bought because you absolutely loved it but couldn't cut into it. What are you all saving it for? (What am I saving it for?). So I reached up to the top shelf of my fabric closet, where all the special fabric lives, and cut a piece. It's hard to see in the picture, but it has silver stars embossed on it. I'm still not sure about the lace motif on the block, but it was so gorgeous that I wanted to show it off (LOL).

Stay tuned for how the fantasy quilt progresses. I've been working on a wizard block that has a crystal ball (embroidered by my friend Christine) and there's also a dragon that will probably be the center panel portion of the quilt.


Gerry said...

The blocks are lovely. What fairy tale is this from? The lace motif is beautiful! If you can't find a spot for it, send it my way. LOL. Have fun!

Charlene said...

I'm excited to watch your progress with this -- knowing you it'll be done by Valentine's Day! If you enlarge the picture, the stars show off their sparkle! Love it.

lynn said...

The blocks are beautiful. I cant wait to see them all finished. Great job, I love the fairy fabric, will have to look for some of that.

Susan said...

I love your blocks! This will be a beautiful quilt.

Susan said...

I love your blocks! This will be a beautiful quilt.