Monday, December 31, 2007


Here it is, the last day of 2007. I didn't get to wish you all a Merry Christmas, as there was yet another crises at work and the time just got away from me.

Madeline got a ton of toys for Christmas -- catnip being her favorite one. I think she's a little over-indulged (g).

It may be an old wife's tale, but I've always heard that the first thing you do in the new year is what you will do the most of throughout the year. So please make sure the first thing you do on New Year's Day is something fun, something that pleases you, something that you would like to do more of in the coming year. For me that will be playing with my fabrics and Madeline.
I've been working on the Dark Tower and hope to have photos to show you after the holiday. Since reading Sharon B's "slow cloth" essay, I've given myself permission to move along on this slowly and to totally enjoy the journey. For the few of you who don't know who Sharon B is or what "slow cloth" is all about, you can find her great blog here

If you go out and party tonight, please be careful! If you look this demented and trashed (look at her face!), please stay safe at home (LOL).

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Here's the Dark Tower block -- background all stitched down. The Tower pieces are just laying on there, not sewn down yet but this is the position. The color isn't that great in this pic, there's more gradiation in the sunset pieces. Still not like the picture I had in my head, but I will add to it with thread, fabric paint and hopefully will pull it all together.
Note to self: if you are using black fabric, keep the white cat out of the room (LOL). Maddie likes to help with the projects -- help like jumping on the table sliding everything around, laying on anything black, and her best help, pulling the pins out of the pincushion (with her mouth) and dropping them on the floor. Must be a real fun game because she plays it all the time.

This will probably be my last post until the New Year. With all my nieces and nephews and various family events, my Christmas madness will start on Sunday, again on Monday night (Christmas Eve) and then two places on Tuesday (Christmas Day) -- all in all, a HUGE holiday blow out! I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. May 2008 be more peaceful, less stressful and more prosperous for all of us!

Friday, December 14, 2007


A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who have bought my "stuff" the last week or so off of Ebay and Etsy. A REALLY big thank you, not just from me, but from my 11 nieces and nephews (LOL) who will be the beneficiaries of my extra cash. Seems like Mr. Scrooge is not giving a Christmas bonus this year. And today was the last payday before Christmas and also the payday where I have to make the house payment. So I do appreciate your support! Whether you found my auctions or Etsy store through the blog, or through just browsing the internet -- I'm glad you found me!

The weathermen are saying we're going to get 5 to 9 inches of snow here tonight, and then that will be all for the end of this month. In other words, a brown Christmas. Do you think we could hold them to this? I would LOVE for that forecast to be right. I'm already tired of ice and snow and cold. What exactly do you think we should do with weathermen who can't seem to predict the weather in spite of all the fancy, high tech, high dollar equipment they have?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bet Ya Wish. . . .

you lived where I do (LOL). This is the scene outside my side window on Tuesday and Wednesday. It will probably be the same scene for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as we have not seen the sun in over a week. Brrrrr.

So what to do when you're stuck inside? Well, make hearts of course! I whipped up a few hearts to finish out the Sharing Our Hearts swap on CQForNewbies. The fairy is my favorite, but it's on its way to a new home.

Madeline took this opportunity to catch a little nap on my ironing board. She likes it when I'm home and wants to hang on me (which makes it a little difficult to sew). The ironing board was our compromise (g). It was hard to get her to settle down -- she was a little freaked out by all the branches and limbs that kept hitting the roof. She just knew there was something up there that was going to get her! More snow coming in this weekend so I'll get even more sewing time. And just think, it isn't even "officially" winter yet! And this is global warming????

Friday, December 07, 2007

Question Answered

Hello everyone! Sitting here in the middle of the country getting ready for a very interesting weekend -- sleet/freezing rain/ice/snow -- and the fun thing about living here is that it will probably do all of these things at once! So looks like I'll have another nice quiet weekend trapped in the house with wild Madeline. Heaven help us! And I still need to do some Christmas shopping, but I don't think it will be happening this weekend.

Raegan asked a question about my hand painted lace post way back here. The question is: "I wonder if a regular hot iron is okay on the DecoArt So Soft paints or if it damages the color?" And the answer is: a regular hot iron is perfectly okay. You need the heat to help set the paint. It does not damage the lace or the color. And the DecoArt paints do not change the hand (feel) of the lace. It is still soft enough to sew on and even bead through. Give this a try -- I think you'll like it. Joann's is a great place to pick up the DecoArt fabric paints and they have sales on them quite often (even though the regular price is pretty cheap, sale is even better!).

Everyone have a fun weekend and I hope you live in a place with much better weather then here.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Final Decision!

Over the long weekend I had (long as in I was pretty much trapped inside), I got out the Dark Tower block again. I know you're probably tired of hearing/looking at this and so am I. I still wasn't happy about the last background. So this is it! This is the final one! I have spent wayyyyyyy too much time jacking around and it's time to make a decision and live with it. If I keep horsing around with every block this quilt will never get off the ground.
These aren't sewn down yet, just placed carefully (waiting for Maddie to have a wild moment and send everything flying off the table). There will be clouds appliqued over the sunset strips. Right now the strips look pretty uniform in size, but that will change after they're sewn down. So that's my final decision and I'm sticking with it (g) -- time to make this work!

I've also listed some other things on ebay and etsy. The link for the etsy shop is on the right. If you don't do Paypal and are interested in something in the etsy shop, just click the buy button and then mark "other" as your payment option. It sends me an email and I can contact you and we'll work out payment. You do not have to have a Paypal account to shop with me. You can see some other things here and here. Don't mean to make this sound like an ad, but I just love doing the little hyperlinks (LOL).

Monday, December 03, 2007

Last Show - Long Weekend

Due to the nasty weather here last weekend, I did not get to attend my last craft show. The morning started out with freezing rain/sleet and cold, cold, cold. Since mom just had her hip replacement in May, we decided it was not worth the risk and we ended our season very abruptly! And I won't even talk about how the wind was blowing -- it would have been very hard to even stand upright.

But that's good news for you guys. If you're looking for any last minute little handmade Christmas gifts, I've got several things on ebay and in the etsy shop. The link for the shop is on the right. Feel free to take a look. As far as the ebay auctions, they are all completed cross stitch items and you can see them here, and here, and here and here. I might add more later in the week -- I think I still have plenty of time to mail. I hope so because I haven't mailed any of my own Christmas presents out (LOL)

So I had a nice long weekend on my hands. What to do, what to do. Work on things for me for a change!! What a concept!! Did the little bunnies at the beginning here give you a clue? I got out my chocolate bunnies that you have watched me work on all year and look at this:A completed top. I still have the borders to do. I didn't realize that one of the borders is an applique scallop border -- eye yi yi!! But at least I have a top -- that's an accomplishment! And I did more, but I'll save that for another post. Hopefully, now that my craft season is over, I'll be here more often. Can believe the last time I posted was before Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dark Tower

I've been working on a new background for the Dark Tower. Please excuse the pins, but I'm not ready to sew it down yet until I decide if I like it. And the tower isn't sewn on either, just laying there. This is the 2nd time I put it together -- Madeline had quite a few "let's slide across the sewing table, wheeeeee, isn't this fun" moments. So what do you all think? I have this vision in my head but just can't get it out (LOL). And this isn't the vision either, but I'm getting closer -- maybe.

And I did hear back from Quilting Arts magazine and once again I am a reject (LOL). So that's two strikes from them and I'm not hanging around for the third strike. So I'll soon be telling the story of the little ghost girls and Emma Violet (which you can see in the post of October 29th).

And I also need to hear from Laura in Texas about your give away prize. You came through as "anonymous" so I have no way to getting in touch with you. Please email me at to claim your baggy.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Sorry for the absence. A co-worker died last week. It was sudden and to say we are all stunned is a great understatement. She was my friend and the only one I talked to at work. She is greatly missed by all of us.

I haven't done that much in the last few weeks -- had another craft show and it was okay. Not great, but okay. The effects of the gas prices are certainly trickling down to all of us. When you are a seller, you get hit both ways with the gas hikes -- personally and professionally.

I've put this lace grab bag up in my etsy shop. The link is over there on the right. This is the last of the lace from Crazy Judyth (at least the last that I have -- I've heard rumors she has lots and lots more). This group contains some motifs and some handmade lace. If you're interested, take a look. If you know someone who would be interested, please send them the link.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Give-Away Results and Answers

Good morning!! I have the names of the three people who are going to get a CQ baggie of fancy fabrics (or as some call it, "after five" fabrics). I took everyone's name from your comments and made a numbered list. Then, very scientifically (LOL), I had the three ladies in my office pick a number. Now they all think "they" are going to win something -- they kept bugging me all day, "what I'd win, what I'd win."

So without further ado, the three people are:

Campmoxie Debbie
Laura from Texas
Joan in Arizona (sorry, originally I had Joan in Texas -- got my states mixed up)

Ladies, I need your addresses. Email me privately at and I'll have your package out to you this week.

Thank you everyone for your comments. I'm sorry that not everyone could get something. I know that I enter lots of blog give-aways and have yet to be picked, but maybe someday.

To answer some of your questions:

My sewing machine is a Janome Memory Craft 6600. It took me a whole year of bonuses, all the money from a year of doing craft shows and a trade-in of my older Janome to buy it. Yeah, that's a lot but I use my machine almost daily and the Janome is a work horse of a machine. I have yet to have one have to go for service (and this is my third Janome). Kind of like a Mac computer -- you seldom see one in for service or having a virus or locking up on you.

The photo of the sewing room is not a fake (but I can see how you would think that ). I didn't take a before picture because I couldn't get far enough into the room to photograph it! It still looks the same because I haven't been in there for over a week now because (a) I've been at craft shows and (b) I don't want to mess it up (LOL). Of course, most of the stuff I hauled out of there is living in the basement, but I don't have to look at it/trip over it/make room for it while it's "resting" down there.

It took me about 6 hours to clean it up and that included numerous trips up and down the basement stairs and several sessions of holding Maddie. When I'm home, she thinks I should do nothing but hold her and carry her around the house. If I stand still for more then one minute, she leaps up on my shoulder/back/head and there's nothing to do but just rock and hold her for a little while. She's still sitting in the little wagon but looks a little put out that no one has come to take her for a ride.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Dark Tower

I finally chose a background for the Tower. I see Roland approaching it at sunset, so I used this hand dyed fabric. The blue is not quite as psychedelic as it shows in the picture. And besides, I'm going to be doing some painting over the background so that will tone it down some also. The Tower is not sewn on yet, just tacked down. The hardest thing is making sure the tower is straight -- after all, it's the Dark Tower, not the Leaning Tower. And after a while, those spirals kind of get to you (LOL)

I have a big show this weekend with a very early start. The show opens at 8 A.M. - yep, that's 8 a.m. in the morning on a Saturday (LOL). Which means I have to be out the door at 5:30 a.m. to get there and get set up. Good thing I'm getting an extra hour this Saturday, I'll sure need it. I know most people hate the end of daylight savings time, but I LOVE IT and anxiously wait each year to get my hour back. Yeah, it's darker earlier, but if they hadn't of screwed with the time it would have been getting darker gradually and you wouldn't notice it as much as you do when they put the time back where it belongs. Okay, enough of that.

I leave you with Miss Maddie. I think she wants to go for a ride but can't find anyone to pull her in her little wagon. Maybe I should talk to the St. Bernard that lives across the street? Wouldn't they look cute with him pulling her in her wagon?
Don't forget the give away from the previous post. If you're interested, leave a comment on that one or this one -- I don't care which. I'll gather all comments made over the weekend and draw three names on Monday. See you then!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Whose Room Is This and GIVE AWAY

It can't be mine. In my room, you can't see the floor. You can't walk through it without tripping over something. Every surface is piled so high you can't tell there's even a surface to work on. But after a half day's work, I think this just might be my room (LOL). Look how you can see the floor. And the tabletop with only one project on it. Looking good!

In fact, it looked so good, that I quickly ran out and shut the door so it would stay that way.
In honor of cleaning up the room and since I am List Owner of CQForNewbies, I have three fabric packs to give away. These packs have large fabric scraps suitable for crazy quilting -- silks, fancy fabrics, maybe a piece or two of nice cotton, but mostly fancy fabrics. Just leave a comment and on Monday I'll have someone at work pick 3 numbers and they will be the owners of some fancy fabric.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Don't Cha Wish. . .

you looked this cute from the rear? Sorry, couldn't resist.

I've put some cross stitch books for sale in my Etsy shop. The link is on the right. I'm offering free shipping in the USA. If you're interested go have a look. If you know someone who's interested, send them on over. I'm still in my clean out phase.

This is Rebecca's block in our Your Favorite Song Round Robin. She chose "High Hopes" for her song. The last verse talks about a balloon going "pop" and that's what I chose to do.

Monday, October 29, 2007

#2 in Series Done

Awhile back, I showed you this picture. I call this type of photo transfer my little "ghost girls." I told you there would be a series of them. Well, this is Jean and Buster at Buster's birthday party (that's why he's wearing the party hat). Got Jean all done and binding completed.

I've been working on #2 in the series -- Emma Violet. She's also a "ghost girl." I'm only going to show the pics for now, no explanations or stories because I am getting ready to submit these to Quilting Arts magazine for a possible article. Wish me luck! A year ago, I submitted a quilt for their calendar contest. They were kind enough on the rejection letter to tell me it was a very pretty quilt and they'd like to see more from me. But it was a rejection letter and I didn't make it in the calendar quilt contest. So let's see if they like the little ghost girls.
Here is Emma Violet:

Thursday, October 25, 2007


This summer I had fun playing with some old wood, bits and pieces of various things and lots of bird pictures. Here in the heart of the Midwest, very conservative, people just "don't get" the concept of altered art and are just not into my fun little things. So I'm putting a couple of these up in my Etsy shop. The link is over on the right if you'd like to jump over and have a look. It doesn't cost anything to look (LOL)

I tried working some on my Dark Tower quilt yesterday but just couldn't get motivated. I have so many ideas running through my mind but just can't settle down just yet. Thank you for all of your comments on the Tower section. It's still not finished -- after all, what's a tower without stonework on it? Hopefully, after this weekend I'll have more progress to show.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I have been tagged by Courtney -- a member of CQForNewbies, our CQ group on Yahoo. I have to share 7 facts about myself, some random, some weird. Well, I could fill up a whole blog with weirdness (LOL). Here goes:
  1. I'm left handed. While that's not too weird in the world in general, I am the only one in my whole entire family. No siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. are left handed. Just me.
  2. I hated sewing in high school. I would write English compositions for a girl in my class and she would sew my garments for me. Now I have a very expensive sewing machine (my 3rd one) and I love to sew!
  3. I do not know my multiplication tables past the 5's. For some reason I have a mental block against them and have never been able to learn them.
  4. I cannot and will not stand to see an animal mistreated and will immedately step in and stop it. My little brother and I beat up a teenage boy when we were barely in grade school over animal abuse, and I confronted an idiot in the back of a pick up truck that was beating a dog while in my twenties (and wearing a dress -- free show on the edge of the highway while I picked up my skirt and jumped into the back of a pick up). I will also "steal" an animal from someone when I see it being abused and find it a good home.
  5. My worst month is January. I hate the cold and January seems to go on forever. It is best if you just don't talk to me during that month (g).
  6. I am totally addicted to Diet Coke. I rarely drink anything else and keep a steady stream going from sun up until way past sun down.
  7. And the last and probably the weirdest for anyone that knows me -- I would love to renounce the world and go and live like the Amish. No electricity, no phones, no modern conveniences. Just peace and quiet and all the time is YOUR time, not someone else's.

So there it is. I haven't been able to make it around too many blogs lately, but I will tag:

Chelle and JK. I would tag Judyth, but I know she hates these things. If not, then Judyth, step up and let us know some facts about you.

Here's the rules: Link to your tagger and post these rules, Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird., Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them), and Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Journey Begins. . . .

What journey? Why, the one to the Dark Tower. Here's the first piece, the most important piece, the Tower itself. This is not sewed down yet, just auditioning backgrounds. Not sure if this is the one I want -- may need to do some painting. But we've taken the first steps. . . .

Monday, October 08, 2007


Here are the participants who did such an outstanding job on my Mardi Gras block:
Christy, Linda, Kate, JK, Jenny, Lori, Rebecca, Nancy, Sue and Lynn. Stand up and take a bow! I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. If I have -- stand up and take credit for your work.
This is one of the Harlequins in the center section of the block. Check out his collar -- isn't that the coolest thing? He also has bows on his shoes, but of course I managed to cut those out of the picture!
I have this hanging on the wall in my sewing room and every day I notice something new on it. That's the fun of CQ blocks -- so much detail it takes you a while to really absorb it all. You never get tired of looking at a block because each time you see something new.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Your Favorite Song

On my group, CQForNewbies, we're doing a round robin of Your Favorite Song. You pick your favorite song and piece a block. Then everyone in the round robin works on your block, adding elements that fit the song. The first block I worked on was Linda's and her song is Blessed by Martina McBride. Linda used her own photographs (edited in Photoshop, I believe) to personalize her block. She even printed the lyrics to the song on fabric for her block. I added the big sun using hand-dyed threads in chain stitch and outline stitch. Then beads, lots of beads.
And since I *finally* figured out the setting on my camera for close ups -- here you go:

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Mardi Gras Block Home

About a year ago, we had a round robin at CQForNewbies and my block was a Mardi Gras one. It has finally made its way back home and isn't it gorgeous? I forgot my paper that had everyone's name that worked on it so I'll have to edit this later, but I'm totally in love with how this turned out.
Look at this seam treatment. And the feathers on the charm are dyed. Sorry for the glare, but these are silk/fancy fabrics and they are hard to photograph. And more close ups:

My little Maddie cat has been sickly. Seems she has an internal parasite. Since she's an indoor cat, the vet thinks she got it from eating flies. Yep, she's quite the fly catcher (and eater). Now we get to take mega doses of an antibiotic for 13 days and hope that our next sample comes back clear. Meanwhile, she's very droopy (very un-Maddie-like) and she decided the priority mail box that came yesterday was the best place to nap.

Friday, September 28, 2007

What Is It?????

It's a LOBSTROSITY! Made for me by my buddy Charlene. Charlene does wonderful tatting and also crochet. Charlene and I are reading the Dark Tower series of books by Stephen King and my plan is to make a quilt from this series of books. So Charlene blessed me with a Lobstrosity and I absolutely LOVE him! He's quite large -- maybe 8 inches of so and will "make" the quilt. After all, who else will ever have a Lobstrosity like this one? (LOL). Thank you SO much Charlene!
And on an added note, did you happen to catch sight of the moon the other night? A real "Reap Moon" hey?

Friday, September 21, 2007

First Show

Our first show was last weekend. It was an outdoor show where you put up your
own tent. It was a rather chilly morning (around 40 degrees, brrrr) and very dark and gloomy. Good thing we had lots of bright colored things huh? It did spit rain for about an hour or so.
There were a few shoppers braving the cool temps and drizzly rain and mom and I were making change and wrapping up purchases with our gloves on (LOL). Then around 11:00, the sun came out and things started warming up a little. Then a LOT more shoppers started arriving.
This was my mom's first show since her hip replacement (she fell and broke her hip in May of this year). She did very good with her cane -- able to get around on the uneven outdoor surface.
We did very well at the show. Everyone has been talking about how bad the economy is and whether the craft shows would do very good this year. At this show (at least), we had nothing to complain about.
Due to mom's surgery this year, we have limited the number of shows we're doing. Last year, we did 13 shows (WAY too many for me -- who also has to work full time). This year, we're only doing 5 shows. I just hope the other 4 are as good as this show was.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Is it Fall?

Another September 11th has come and gone without incident. On the original 9/11, I was at home. I had just purchased my house and had a few days off to move. This past 9/11, I had to work and I kind of held my breath all day. If an attack or something were to happen, I'd be stuck here at work, with these people I work with, not where I would want to be or who I would want to be with in case of a disaster.
Did I tell you my parents wedding anniversary is September 11th? It is. Over 50 years now. My father always had a hard time remembering the day -- no more. I also have a niece who was born on September 11th and this was her first birthday.
As is so typical in my part of the country, we jump from one season to another in the space of just a few hours. Seems like one day the heat index was 104 and the next morning it was only 50-some degrees. Nothing gradual -- just out and out BAM! Fall is here starting right now. I know so many of you love the Fall and the cooler temps, but I get depressed. Fall means winter is around the corner (See above -- One day it will be in the 70's and the next morning minus 10). Seems like I waited and waited for summer to get here, to have nice warm days (I love weather in the 90's, even with our high humidity here), then it seems like I blink my eyes and summer is over. Where did it go so quick? Why does it seem like winter lasts 13 months and summer only 1?

Fall also means the start of my craft shows. This year not quite as many shows since my mother is recovering from a broken hip/hip replacement surgery. I decided she needed to start out slower, not one show every single weekend. Plus it's easier for me as I work full time and my boss does his best to deny each and every vacation day asked for (in fact, he's working on a plan to do away with ALL paid holidays and vacation pay -- no work, no pay -- so that will give you a clue as to my next big project (LOL)).

So I hope all of you are enjoying the cooler weather and everyone has a good weekend.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Been Busy

I'm still working my fingers off getting things ready. Here's another couple of little fairy boxes. I have several people here in the area that really love my fairy things and follow me around to the different shows just for the fairy items. Gee, aren't I lucky I have "groupies?" (LOL)

I also put this little door hanger/pillow fairy on ebay to once again test the waters -- that and the fact that ebay is having a special on the listing fees. I think I just squeeked under the wire (LOL). Anyway, it's item #270163074161 if you'd like to see another picture of it or just follow along.

Friday, August 31, 2007

More Pics

I don't just do pillows and embroidery things, I also dabble in mixed media, altered art and anything else that strikes my fancy at the moment. Here's some fairy houses that are also making their way to the craft shows. These are lots of fun to do using the old photographs, lots of odds and ends (which justifies me going to antique stores, thrift stores and collecting lots of "stuff" -- you know, you can never have too much stuff).

The temps in our area have finally gone down. We spent almost 30 consecutive days at close to 100 degrees, with heat indexes of over 110. The hottest August here since the 1930's. However, I wouldn't know about that as I wasn't around in the 30's (and neither was my mother, so we'll just have to take the weatherman's word for it).
The lower temps have made Maddie a little frisky. This is the door into my craft room. Yes, she is on top of the door frame. Please notice the heavy duty screen wire on the door -- to keep little kitty paws out of my stuff!
The formatting in this entry certainly sucks doesn't it? (LOL) I've tried editing this three times now and I think I'm giving up.
Hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day holiday. I know I'm sure looking forward to it!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

Here we go -- as promised -- pictures of all the "stuff" I've been busy, busy, busy with. These are all for my upcoming craft shows. I only do Fall and Winter so my shows start in September and run through December.

Pillows, pillows and even more pillows. These are just a sampling. I can stuff pillows in my sleep (LOL). And if you've got a lot of buttons, what could be more fun then spelling out words with them? If you need a helping hand in collecting buttons, check my Etsy shop after Labor Day. To help out a dear friend, I'll be selling little bags of buttons -- I think they'll be mostly white buttons, but as you can see, the white buttons are perfect for words.

Not to change the subject -- but all last week while hearing about the almost hourly recall of products from China, I got to thinking how scary it is to buy something for your children and then hear about a recall from lead paint -- or remember the pet food? A lot of animals died over that recall. If you want to buy American made goods, one of the best places to go is your local craft shows. You can support someone in your community, get a well made toy and/or gift items and buy American all at the same time. Yeah, you may pay a dollar or two more then you do at Walmart or one of the other cheap import shops, but you won't have to be worrying about whether the item will be recalled. Just make sure the crafter you're buying from actually makes their stuff and is not someone who is just importing more cheap junk from China or other countries.

I don't say this just because I sell at craft shows, I say this because we need to buy more American goods. And that's not an easy thing to do. Next time you go clothes or shoe shopping, look at the tags. Everything is made somewhere else. I think tools are a little easier -- I know there are still a couple of American companies making tools. If you're interested, Google "Made in USA" and you'll get several websites with American made goods. We need to start supporting our own country -- it's the only one we have.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Sharon B

In case you haven't heard, Sharon B has moved her blog, In A Minute Ago. You can find Sharon here:

I'm frantically getting ready for my craft show season. My first show is weekend after next. AHHHH!!!! Where the heck did the summer go? I thought I had months and months to get ready for Fall. Guess I blinked or something (LOL)

Anyway, I'll be back on Thursday with some photos of my "stuff" for the shows. I have to post this and put it in writing so I will get in gear and get my things organized and ready to roll for the 2007 craft season. See you soon with pictures.

Friday, August 17, 2007


Friday, Friday -- I live for Fridays.
I also live for your many kind comments. I try (I really do!) to thank each and every one of you personally. Thank you for looking at my things (and liking them) and admiring Madeline (yes, she does "fly" -- from the floor to my shoulder, and not necessarily on commend, sometimes just whenever she feels like it). Some of you come through with "no reply" or "anonymous." If you have a blog, I go and visit you and will usually comment there (unless the boss is constantly standing over my shoulder). Speaking of which. . .
There's a big change coming in my work world and of course, it's not a good change for me. So my posts may be a little scarce here for a while -- hope not! As soon as the dust settles and I can give you all the gory details, I will!

Meanwhile, it may be good to lay low for a little while.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"Nice" Award

Thanks to my buddy Charlene ( I've been given the "Nice Matters" Award. You can read about it on her blog, along with seeing some pretty pictures of her Fall swap block.

I'm supposed to nominate other people for this award. Now I read about 100 different blogs (it's how I get through the day at work (LOL)), and as far as I can tell almost everyone has already been nominated. So to my logical little mind, that means that we're all nice -- which shouldn't surprise anyone because it seems like artists/crafters are in general the nicest people around.

I showed you a little peek the other day of what I've been working on and here it is -- crazy quilted notebook covers. I decided for fun to put one up on ebay and see what happens. Though really, this is something you have to see in person to get the full effect. There's lots of beading, fancy threads, etc., that just doesn't translate well into photographs.