Friday, December 01, 2006

Showing UFO's

I said I'd post some of my UFO's. Or as Sharon from InAMinuteAgo calls them, WISPs (works in slow process).

Last January, I actually read the newletter from my local quilt shop and saw a block of the month being offered. I went and looked at it and it was so cute. So I joined up. This month is the last month for the blocks and this is how many I actually have done:

They are the cutest little chocolate bunnies. But I only have three of them done. I'm doing them all the old-fashioned needle turn applique (no fusing, no raw edge, I'm doing the "real" thing here). One of the ladies on my group, May Britt, does beautiful applique. I keep looking at your blog May and hoping some of your skills will rub off on me through cyberspace (LOL).

Here's the rest of the bunnies still to be done:

There's also a BIG bunny block, and I'm working on it. Hey, I said WISP (works in slow progress).

Then in October of this year, I once again looked at the newsletter from the quilt shop (do you see how this is becoming dangerous for me?) and low and behold, there's yet another block of the month, done by the same artist that's doing the bunny quilt. (sigh)

I had to go and look -- just look! I wasn't going to buy because after all, I never finished all my bunnies each month like I told myself I would do.

And this is what I ended up with:

At least this one is only an 8 month block program. Like who am I kidding? I couldn't handle 1 small block a month yet I think I'm going to do 8 big blocks each month!!!! But I don't care -- I just LOVE this designer. These fall colors are definitely my colors.

I'd show you the other blocks but blogger says that's enough pictures for one day.


Susan said...

The good thing about the new year's pattern, if they all are that size, each one you finish could be it's own little table runner or wallhanging. I've seen the bunny one, and it is so cute. I don't blame you for falling for either one of them!

Elizabet said...

Its Sqirrels, sqirrels!!!so cute!!!

*is sqirrel, badger and hedgehog mad!*