Friday, December 22, 2006


It's the last countdown days for the holidays. The weekend will fly by in a rush of family visits, dinner with friends, presents, excited children and Christmas music everywhere. Madeline and I are signing off for Christmas.

In the meantime, don't forget to have a good stretch and R-E-L-A-X.

(Please notice the absence of a tail -- Maddie is a pixie bob, which means she has a little tiny nubbie of a tail, about an inch and a half).

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Heart Received

Look at this lovely heart I received from my friend Wilma in Holland. Wilma is a member of my group, CQForNewbies on yahoo. Her stitching is so delicate and perfect. Those little red dots on the right hand side are French Knots -- not beads! I swear, I have teeny tiny seed beads that are bigger then these French knots.

Thank you again Wilma, it's one of the prettiest hearts I have ever received.

And since things are extemely hectic at work and I don't know if I'll have time to sign back on here again, I want to take this time to wish everyone Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and lots of quilting/CQ goodies in your stocking this year.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Etsy Shop

Look at this -- two posts in one day -- hope Blogger can recover from this (LOL)

Just a quick note to let anyone that's interested -- I have marked down a couple of items in my Etsy shop. The link at the side should (hopefully) take you there, but if it doesn't, cut and paste:

Time to clean some of the stuff out. I'm going to be listing lots of new and exciting items in January. Some previews: lace, lots and lots of vintage lace. And buttons, you won't believe the buttons. And collage packets. And probably more when I get some vacation time after Christmas and start clearing things out.

Working on Those Bunnies

I have another bunny block done -- yippee! This is the biggest block in the quilt. I'm adding my own touches to the bunnies. For this one I added a lovely pink rose collar and a bit of lace to the basket of eggs he's carrying.

I found the neatest chalk pencil device at Joann's over the weekend. It comes in a plastic case with lots of different colors of very thin chalks. Almost like pencil leads only they're chalk. You load these different color chalks into the "pencil" that comes with the kit. These are so much easier for me to mark with then the so-called quilters chalk pencils. I got this in the quilting section of Joann's in case anyone is interested.

Here's a close up of the bunny face. It was much easier to mark his eye with the new chalk marking device I found.

So I've fulfilled my monthly duty of working on my UFO's or WISPs (works in slow progress). Now all energy turned towards Christmas.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Blocks of the Month Continued

Here's the 2nd package of my 2nd block of the month quilt. Don't cha just love those fall colors? They're my favorite.

Sorry Elizabet, no squirrels in this one -- but stay tuned -- the whole quilt has several squirrels on it and I know you'll love it.

I have been working on the bunny quilt. By the end of this week I may actually have a completed block (No. 4 in case you're keeping count). It is one of the BIG blocks so it has taken me a while. That and the fact that I don't have that much practice with applique and it's difficult for me to get nice smooth curves and pointy points. Anyone have any hints for me?

Friday, December 01, 2006

Showing UFO's

I said I'd post some of my UFO's. Or as Sharon from InAMinuteAgo calls them, WISPs (works in slow process).

Last January, I actually read the newletter from my local quilt shop and saw a block of the month being offered. I went and looked at it and it was so cute. So I joined up. This month is the last month for the blocks and this is how many I actually have done:

They are the cutest little chocolate bunnies. But I only have three of them done. I'm doing them all the old-fashioned needle turn applique (no fusing, no raw edge, I'm doing the "real" thing here). One of the ladies on my group, May Britt, does beautiful applique. I keep looking at your blog May and hoping some of your skills will rub off on me through cyberspace (LOL).

Here's the rest of the bunnies still to be done:

There's also a BIG bunny block, and I'm working on it. Hey, I said WISP (works in slow progress).

Then in October of this year, I once again looked at the newsletter from the quilt shop (do you see how this is becoming dangerous for me?) and low and behold, there's yet another block of the month, done by the same artist that's doing the bunny quilt. (sigh)

I had to go and look -- just look! I wasn't going to buy because after all, I never finished all my bunnies each month like I told myself I would do.

And this is what I ended up with:

At least this one is only an 8 month block program. Like who am I kidding? I couldn't handle 1 small block a month yet I think I'm going to do 8 big blocks each month!!!! But I don't care -- I just LOVE this designer. These fall colors are definitely my colors.

I'd show you the other blocks but blogger says that's enough pictures for one day.