Monday, November 13, 2006

Printing On Fabric Question

Lenore left a comment asking what ink I used when I was printing on the fabric with a Dell printer. Since I used my sister-in-law's printer, which was a brand new Dell printer, the only ink I could use is the cartridge that Dell sells. She has a beautiful printer, but you can only buy the ink from Dell, on line (at least at that time anyway). It's just a regular ink jet cartridge.

The secret to the bright, crisp prints is the rinsing you do after the fabric sheets are printed. It's a fairly easy, relatively painless procedure of mixing liquid fabric softener and water in a big pan and dipping the fabric sheets into it and then letting them dry. This sets the ink, makes the colors crisper and brighter and I was very impressed with the fabric sheets I used. Since this project was going to get washed, I needed the best (and turns out most expensive) fabric printer sheets. The directions are there with the package. I'm sure each company has their own recipes for the fabric softener bath. Like the old saying, "Just read and follow package directions."


Justin said...

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JK said...

Hey chickie... how's it going? Where you at anyway?? Didn't see you post today, and you are starting to Lost.. Hope all is okay and you are just busy with your shows.. Did you happen to see the link Sharon B gave for some great coloring stuff? Thought about you with those pillows you make, plus those artists on that link have some amazing work.