Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Making a List. . . .

Hello everyone! I checked my counter yesterday and was absolutely amazed at how many people have stopped by. Thanks so much!! Guess I should give you something to look at and read huh?

Well, I made a list of things I need to get done in the next month or two and things that need to be done right at the first of the year. I've been getting so many orders and requests, I figured it was time to write them down or something was going to fall through the cracks and I'd be in panic mode. Here it is:

Quite a bit there. Kind of frightening in a way. The frog quilt top is pieced, but needs borders and everything else. It is for my mother for Christmas so it takes top priority. Next is the dog pillow. This is for the same person that commissioned the doggie memorial quilt that I've blogged about before. All the other items are just in my head (ha!). Guess I need to spend this long weekend trapped in the sewing room, but that won't be possible.

I did get a project done for my brother. My brother adopted 3 children from Columbia, South America. They arrived last year right before Christmas (and needless to say were a little overwhelmed. They didn't know the language or what the heck was going on with everyone giving them presents). So this year will be their first Christmas when they know what's going on. Two boys, one girl, ages 6, 5 and 3. My brother goes all out with "yard art" for holidays. He cut this out and I painted it.

This is rather large, probably about 4 feet tall. There's a group of snowmen, but Blogger isn't cooperating today and won't load the picture. Maybe next time.

So I get to be off Wednesday before Thanksgiving and then the Friday after (don't know how THAT happened as where I work they're not known to acknowledge holidays that much). So I will take advantage of this time off and try to cross off some items from that list of mine.

Next time I will show pics of 2 of my UFO projects since Sandi from A Beautiful Craft has issued a challenge. I can't participate fully by showing ALL my UFO's because even Blogger doesn't have enough bandwidth for me to upload that many photos.

Till next week!


Charlene said...

What a great job, Lesa. Your entire family must be crafters, hu? Enjoy your time off, and hope you get a lot done!

Susan said...

Are the three children siblings? How wonderful of him to do that. I love the little snowy house. Your brother must be talented, too. Enjoy the holidays with these little ones.

JK said...

Hey Chickie.. Are you checking that list "twice"?? Seems you still are working constantly, and glad that list is yours and not mine! ACK! That little house is just too darn cute!