Thursday, October 26, 2006

Round Robin Continues

Here's some work I did on one of the round robin blocks. This is a Vest from Linda in Texas (hi Linda!). Her theme is also Mardi Gras (my favorite). I embellished this patch by giving one of the ladies a fancier headdress with beads. The other lady has blue flurry stuff and a heart crystal-like bead on her headdress. I hope she doesn't look too much like a Vegas show girl - LOL. I also outlined the patch with chain stitch in a purple silk thread. I was only the second person to work on this vest. My own block (which is also Mardi Gras) is making its rounds still.


smehreen said...

I love Mardi Gras masks ... they are so festive and whimsical! Do you make masks too?

Susan said...

Oh, that's fine and sparkly. I like the blue fuzzy stuff, whatever it is, behind her.

Maddie Can Fly said...

No, I didn't make the masks -- they were put on by the vest owner. They looked like a printed fabric patch that was appliqued on.