Monday, October 23, 2006


Whew! Took 2 days (yes, I'm a little slow), but I managed to get the link to my Etsy shop working (again). Don't know why it quit. But the first "Click Here for My Etsy Shop" link is working. I'm afraid to delete the second one because I just KNOW I will delete the wrong one -- LOL.

I've been absolutely swamped with work and back to back to back to back craft shows. I hope to have some pictures for you later this week. Now I'm working on Christmas things and hope to have pictures of the round robin CQ I am in. I have Linda's Mardi Gras vest and it is so pretty. So stay tuned -- I haven't dropped out of the blogging world -- just very pressed for time.

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JK said...

Les, didn't Kate do a great job on that Jester! I knew that little guy was going to get a lot of attention. It is truly a gorgeous fabric.