Monday, August 28, 2006

Getting Ready for Shows

Been working my little fingers to the bone -- and instead of bony fingers, I have the following ready for my Fall craft shows.

The skeleton is all counted cross stitch. Don't you love his eyes and bow tie? This is done in the new DMC Light Effects thread. They have lots of nice colors but this flourescent green just called out to me.

This is my wacky bat. The colors are much brighter in person. That orange hat just screams at you -- LOL. He is quilted and appliqued using lots of metallic threads. My new machine (Janome 6600) is a dream at handling all the difficult threads.

More Later.


Gerry said...
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Gerry said...

These are very cool! I deleted my first post because when I read the post it answered my question. Next question: About how much time do you have into just one of these? It looks like a lot.

Charlene said...

I sure do like the skeleton pillow! What a lot of work into that cross stitch - and yes, the eyes and tie are fantastic! Hope you have great success at the market.

Marcia said...

Love the colors! Is that DMC thread "glow in the dark"?

Good luck on your shows! I used to do them every fall, but got tired of all the preparation and the early hours. Be sure to give us a report!

Lynn said...

You so such beautiful work. I love the skeleton pillow..good luck with shows..

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!!! Love the wacky bat!
Linda from CQNewbies