Friday, June 02, 2006

It Can't Be June???

Doesn't time seem to just fly by now faster than ever? I'm convinced it has something to do with daylight savings time rushing us all through life faster and faster.

I took a few days off around the Memorial Day weekend. I counted up that I needed 30 blocks to finish the commission quilt. I have 16 of them done now. To me, that translates to more than half done .

We finished up our first swap on the CQ For Newbies group (which I am the List Owner). Some of the ladies were absolute newbies and very, very nervous about swapping. Some would even send me pictures of their block to ask if it was okay to send to someone (they were). I wish you all could see the beautiful blocks that came out of this swap. No wonder people look at our photos and think this is not a group of newbies -- but many of them are, I assure you.

We also have a few "veterans" around who enjoy a nice, friendly, helpful place to swap and who want to share their skills with newbies -- and even pick up a few pointers themselves. If you want to join, or know of someone who either likes crazy quilting or would like to get into crazy quilting, come and join as at

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