Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Garden Tour

Isn't it wonderful that summer is here? Seems like I've been waiting years for it to return. On some of the other blogs I read, it was suggested we post pictures of our garden to honor the return of summer. Since I just bought a new camera (yeah!), I thought I'd show you my garden.

This is the back yard. There was nothing here when I moved in four years ago but dirt and weeds. These are my hostas. You can see Madeline watching me out the back door. Or is it that nice juicy red bird she sees? The ivy climbing all over came from two little plants (69 cents each) that I planted three years ago. Good thing I didn't buy the whole flat.

1 comment:

Trixie Lou said...

It all looks very lush and green! I want to live in your garden, instead of sitting in a stupid old office. And Maddie is thinking of escape, doncha know . . .