Monday, May 01, 2006

Madeline Gone Wild!

See that sweet little face on top of this blog? This is Madeline. A rather small, pixie-bob kitten. Yesterday, Maddie became fascinated with the outdoors. I opened the front door a teeny-tiny crack for some neighborhood girls that were collecting for cancer research. WHOOSH! Out the door runs Madeline -- out into the great big world where she has no clue what's going on.

She runs down the stairs, slinks under the chain link fence gate and runs into the back yard. I go running after her. After 10 minutes, I finally manage to trap her under the deck. She's soaking wet because it's rained here for 4 days now. Her feet are muddy -- now I'm muddy.

We go back to the front door to find out that when I ran out the door, I had not taken the lock off the screen door so now we're locked outside. The girls collecting for cancer think I'm a total idiot. Now to the next door neighbors house, where Madeline proceeds to freak out when we walk inside and run and hide in that woman's bedroom. No manners whatsoever.

An SOS call to my father brings him and his tools to the rescue. We can't get back into the house with his keys, as I had very safely thrown the security chain on my back door also! So we start taking the screen door off the hinges. This involves about 10 screws.

Meanwhile, Madeline is lying on the dash of my dad's truck, sound asleep in the sun, totally unaware of what a royal pain she has been to everyone involved in this story.

Owning animals can be so much fun!


Trixie Lou said...

Good grief! Whoever said that owning a cat is no trouble whatsoever, never owned a cat, eh? That's a very funny story to read, but it probably wasn't so funny to live through. Darned cat.

Bobby said...

That's funny! Go Madeline!