Friday, May 19, 2006

Commission Quilt

I've been busy working on my commission quilt that I mentioned a few posts back. This is a memorial quilt for a beloved little dog, Justice. The owner is giving this quilt to her husband for their anniversary in August.

I first scanned in all their photographs of Justice (and Justice's sister, Lex). I did minimal photo manipulation, just cropping and resizing. I printed the images on a Dell Photo Printer, Model 924. I printed the photos off onto Color Textiles fabric sheets. I ordered a sampler package of this and would highly recommend it. It feeds into the printer like a dream, no jamming, no shifting. You have to lay the printed fabric sheet in a bath of fabric softener and water, but it's an easy process and only takes a minute of two.

The fabric softener bath really brings out the colors in the fabric prints. Plus, the Color Textiles sheets are colorfast!!! and they are as soft as regular fabric. Like I said, I would highly recommend these sheets.

Here's one of the blocks with the little doggies on it. This is my favorite photo of them. Justice is the one on the left. Some of the other blocks in the quilt will have "doggie sayings" on them and this is a sample.

I was going to make the quilt of 15 inch blocks, but after I cut one and saw the size of that block, I decided to scale it back to 12 inch blocks. So I make a few more blocks -- better than having to wrestle around with a 15 inch block.

The blocks will have machine decorative stitches on the seams. This will be a big quilt -- 60x72 (which is a big quilt to me since it's been a long time since I've done a full size quilt -- well, let's make that "finished" a full size quilt).

Hope you all like it.


Iris said...

I love the colors you're useing...the doggie pic is so cute.

Anonymous said...

The doggie pic is so cute. I had a question what type of ink did you use with your Dell Printer. I am experimenting and could use all the help possible. If you could just post the details, it would help me out so much!