Friday, April 14, 2006

Our Vet Visit

We raced to the vet in record breaking heat, 91 degrees in April, so that meant A/C on in the car. After a very thorough eye exam (using almost the same instruments used to view the human eye), there is nothing wrong with Maddie's eyes. Physical exam: she is extremely healthy (so the expensive Urban King diet is paying off). Her problem?

The day before she sat in the opened window all day -- and I mean all day, 10 hours. This vet had seen 4 other animals before Maddie with strange behavior and all in good health. Seems this abrupt weather change has psyched our animals out. And it also being the equinox and a full moon. Their little brains are just over-stimulated and they can't calm down. Like the man said, 5 days before we had frost warnings, then we're at 90 degrees -- he said he had a hard time adjusting, why not the animals?

I thought he was grasping at straws, but I followed his advice to darken the room, close the windows and turn the A/C on so there was no outside smells, turn the quilts over to a plain side and it did work. Maddie was most comfortable on the white kitchen floor and actually played with her toys. I had to carry her to bed (apparently the carpet, furniture and other living room items were a little freaky to her), but once in the almost all white bed, she was her old self.

I've had lots of cats, including a pure-bred Siamese and none have acted this crazy. Madeline is definitely one of a kind!

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Iris said...

I've never heard of such a thing in cats either...but I guess they can have spring fever too!!