Wednesday, March 15, 2006

First Ramblings

My first blog -- well, I had another one but I let it expire, so I'm still counting this as the first one.

I am a very frustrated, struggling artist, stuck at one of the world's most boring job to support myself. I've decided this is the year I DO SOMETHING besides the few art/craft shows I do or resign myself to a boring job and just having a "hobby."

What do I do?

I do altered art, art quilting, some painting (very primitive ), and most anything else that grabs my fancy for the moment.

I entered the Quilting Arts 2006 calendar quilt contest, but my quilt didn't make the cut. I did get a nice letter with the handwritten words "Beautiful quilt -- would love to see more of your work."

I'll post a pic of my entry and let you all decide.

1 comment:

lakenreich said...

I am also a "struggling" artist that decided the same thing. Best of luck to you-hope things go well! Leslie