Friday, March 24, 2006


Here's one of my recent experiments. I use vintage photos and burn them onto the fabric with a heat tool. Sometimes it comes out great, other times. . . . . This is Jean and her dog Buster. I call this series my "Weird Little Girls." Some of the pictures look a little spooky after they have transferred.

I know I could do photo transfer, but with the burning, the transfer is totally stable, no bleeding, smearing, and you can wash the heck out of it.


piney cq said...

hmmmm....this is cool!!! How do you burn the image in??? I'd actually like to try this!!

Brenda L. Minor said...

This is interesting. I like the fact that you said it can be washed repeatedly and doesn't lose it's image...or fade...or bleed. Can you tell us HOW to do it? I'm very curious and would like to try it. I have some projects in mind that requires a lot of photos and I want to use the right method.

THanks! Brenda

pat winter said...

I am a huge fan of the versa tool. It is my favorite way to transfer. Pat W.

Iris said...

I'm interested in this too. Could we talk you into writing a tutorial for us?

(See I'm reading your blog too!)