Thursday, March 16, 2006

Contest Quilt

Here's my quilt I entered in the Quilting Arts Calendar Contest. The them was "Your Utopia." I chose a land without time because I never seem to have enough time to do what I want to do. Alice is breaking the clocks and throwing them away, therefore, time does not exist. What a luxury!

I used crazy quilt piecing techniques, Alice is a stamp which is colored and then appliqued. There's a bunch of silk ribbon embroidery coming out of the window. All the clocks are beaded and there's lots and lots of embroidery applique. The beading doesn't show up well in the picture. For the contest, I entered a slide, which showed all the detail. But, mine wasn't a winner. What do you think?


Karin said...

LOVE the quilt, and what a cool theme. I totally agree with you - never enough time to do the stuff that needs to be done, let alone the stuff that we want to do.


piney cq said...

Welllll....I think its a great quilt! IMHO!!! But what do I know, eh? LOL!!!! I love your concept and wish we could ALL break those clocks and stop time!!! Can you imagine what would happen creatively??? :_)))

Anywhoo....good work! Its a fabulous entry and if its a first time for you to do something like can just imagine what future entries will look like!

pat winter said...

I think it is a winner! Mine didn't win either, but I like it and it was quite fun to make, so it really is a winner to me. I would love to have 10 more hours in a day. I seem to have less and less these days. Keep creating and having fun! Pat W.

Lin Moon said...

Taking a look at your QArts entry from awhile back - I love it! I can totally identify with The time thing. And I love Alice. I wonder if you posted a pic of this on flickr - I'd love to be able to see the detail and all your great beading.